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Last Updated: 6/7/2023

The scope of this project is for a new multi-purpose cultural arts venue located at 842 West Gate City Boulevard. The project is envisioned to be approximately 15,000 GSF. The goal of this project is to foster an active partnership between UNC Greensboro with the surrounding local and regional arts community. UNC Greensboro shares a place, a fate, and a responsibility to contribute to the vibrancy of the larger community and views the project as part of this initiative.

The project will include demolition of the existing building, a flexible performance space, gallery, instructional and studio rooms, office and administrative space, a digital lab with low latency, and a small retail component. The proposed building sits at an important gateway to the campus and serves as a connection point to the Millennial District and surrounding municipality. Sustainability, construction efficiency and delivery, and cradle-to-grave eco balance will all be considered utilizing a modest overall project budget.

  • June 2023
    Increased authority was approved by the UNC System Board of Governor’s at their January meeting. The team of Perkins and Will out of their Charlotte and Durham studios was approved to restart the project with Program Verification in February 2023. Upon verifying the programmatic needs of the project, the project moved into the Schematic Design Phase in April. The Team is currently working to wrap up the Schematic Design submission to the NCDOA State Construction Office and look forward to moving into Design Development in July.
  • December 2022
    At this time, the project has requested increased authorization which will be reviewed by the UNC System Board of Governor's at their January 2023 meeting.