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New Nursing and Instructional Building

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McIver Building
Existing McIver Building
Project Description:

The Nursing and Instructional Building project includes demolition of the McIver Building and construction of a new four story facility that will house the School of Nursing which is currently located in four buildings. The School of Nursing will occupy approximately fifty percent of the building allowing for enrollment expansion and realizing benefits resulting from being in one location. In addition to spaces for the School of Nursing, the facility will provide teaching and flexible laboratory research space for Biology, Chemistry and Health and Human Sciences as well as classroom space. All components are critical in order to maximize the effectiveness of the investment by addressing immediate space needs in over-capacity programs and leveraging opportunity for growth in enrollment in high-demand STEM and health fields. The new facility will be built at the same site as the current McIver Building. The project includes construction of phase I of the South Chiller Plant providing capacity for the Nursing and Instructional Building and enhancing reliability of the campus chilled water system. The project has three components: 1) Demolition of the existing McIver Building; 2) Construction of the New Nursing and Instructional Building; and 3) Construction of the South Chiller Plant.

Existing McIver-Department Relocations:
Demolition of Existing McIver Building:

UNCG’s Campus Master Plan identifies the site of the existing McIver Building for the new Nursing and Instructional Building. Consequently, demolition of the existing McIver Building is required prior to the start of construction of the new building.

The demolition of the existing McIver Building is scheduled to occur after the 2018 spring semester.

Construction of New Nursing and Instructional Building:
Construction of the South Chiller Plant:

The new South Chiller Plant is proposed for the corner of Forest Street and Oakland Avenue to meet the current and future needs of the campus.

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