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Prior to January 2017, there were many campus maps for UNC Greensboro, each with their own look and feel. Some of these maps were outdated, location names were incorrect, road names, and walkways had changed. Many of these maps were online and never updated which led to confusion. It was suggested that UNC Greensboro should have a single base or reference map from which all other maps are created.


The One Campus/One Map initiative was a plan to create and maintain a basemap of the UNC Greensboro campus on which all future maps will be based. The basemap would be kept up to date by the GIS Unit and include locations useful to most mapping applications on campus.


After six months and input from many departments, the Facilities Design and Construction GIS Unit released the first basemap in the summer of 2017. These maps are designed to print at 24×36 inches. The resulting Adobe PDFs can be edited in Adobe Illustrator so they may be scaled and still remain clear and easy to read. Annual updates to the map will be provided during the summer or after major changes.


A common basemap is a critical piece of any enterprise GIS. As the campus grows the need to manage and monitor campus property, facilities, and resources efficiently also increases. An enterprise GIS will provide a smoother workflow, less chance for error, and timely changes to maps. This campus basemap is the foundation for the future UNC Greensboro campus wide enterprise GIS.

Where Can I Find the Campus Basemap?

The campus basemaps can be found on the Campus Maps & GIS page.