Facilities Design & Construction

A Department in Facilities



Facilities Archives manages documentation resulting from construction, remodeling, renovations, and other projects that may take place on campus. Documents include digital drawings, permit sets, project files, operations and maintenance manuals, drawings, contract specifications, maps, photos, surveys, studies, alteration drawings, topo maps, and master plans. Our staff coordinates with University departments, facilities services personnel, consultants, engineers, and construction firms to ensure that the latest and most accurate project information is maintained and available. Procedures and policy are created to control and protect the integrity of this information, and state records retention standards are followed prior to disposition of records.

The department makes certain records available to campus entities and students.


  • • Drawings and project documents are available on the cloud storage.
  • • No original hardcopy drawing can be checked out.
  • • If prints are needed, allow atleast 24 hour notice.
  • • Project Managers requesting documents for contractors should proivde prior notice at least 24 hours in advance so a share location may be set up.

Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • • Students requesting drawings for class assignments must have their professor send written confirmation of class assignment requiring the documentation. Architectural sheets only.
  • • Faculty and non-facilities staff should contact Facilities archive staff directly.
  • • No systems drawings will be made available to anyone other than university facilities staff or contractors.

Who Should I Contact?

Archive requests should be sent to: fdc@uncg.edu