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UNC Greensboro is crisscrossed with numerous utilities which support campus operation and the surrounding community. Each utility may be owned by one or more entities which ensure their services are provided safely to customers. In order to minimize the impact and potential down time of the utilities, the 811 phone number was created to alert utility owners to excavations. This system, in coordination with the UNC Greensboro GIS Unit, minimizes the chance a utility line might be cut.

What is NC811?

North Carolina 811, is a non-profit organization which alerts utility owners of excavations which may impact their utilities. One of the duties of the GIS Unit is to receive and respond to NC811 tickets on projects which may impact underground utilities. Anyone performing any work which requires digging on the UNC Greensboro campus must contact the NC811 center by dialing 811. The NC811 center will send alerts to utility owners who may be impacted by an excavation in the work area.

How is GIS (Geographic Information System) used?

The GIS Unit will receive an alert indicating the caller's organization and the location of the excavation. Using a digital map database of underground utilities, the location will be identified, and a response submitted to the contractor. If the excavation will impact campus utilities, the information is passed to the campus Utility Manager who will arrange to have campus underground utilities marked. Utility locators use color to mark the location of underground utilities. For the safety of those on campus and the contractors digging, it is important that the color markings are not removed or disturbed until after excavation work is complete.

Projects may require the closure of roads, walkways, and entrances which will impede travel. Any locations which are closed off will be indicated on the Campus Construction Alerts interactive map (see below). After the utilities are marked, typically within 3 days of the call, GIS personnel will review the markings and compare them to the locations in the GIS database.

Who Should Call?

Anyone who needs to dig, bore, or otherwise disturb the ground on the UNC Greensboro campus for construction, renovation, or planting.

  • • Facilities staff performing work on campus.
  • • Contractors performing the work for UNC Greensboro.
  • • Utility owners with utilities going through or near the campus.
  • • Home or business owners doing their own work.

NC811 Informaion

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